Meghan Greene's Research Topic

Christmas | cookies | Snow


Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated throughout the globe by catholics. Christmas is the holiday known for giving and receiving, I would love to learn more about christmas.

{ How might Christmas be celebrated differently in other countries? }

book: "Christmas"

by: W.F Dawson

call #: 394.2 Daw

Book below:

Cookies for Christmas

Baking is a big part of the Christmas holiday tradition. Personally I feel baking cookies makes Christmas, Christmas!

{What are the most famous cookie recipes for Christmas time?}

book:"The ultimate cookie collection: 499 favorites"

by: Janet Briggs

call#: 641.865 Ult

book below:


Snow comes around during the winter season. Snow is very fun to play outisde or just stay inside cozied up with hot chocolate.

{how might snow effect peoples everyday living?}

book: "blizzards"

author: Paul A. Kobasa

call#: 363.34 WOR

book below: