Concept Business Acceleration LLC.

Where startups can learn and grow together.

what is business acceleration?

Business acceleration is where startups, or newly started businesses, come and plant the seed of their company. Meaning that the startup owners will pay for space in a part of the building, and that will be the place where they work from. There can be up to 5 startup business startups on one floor, and none of them are competing for more space. They can all coexist in one space and get to know other startup business owners. When they they are part of my our acceleration process, we will help them investors, potential customers, and ultimately help them sell their business as fast as possible and for as much as possible.The startups can learn and grow together, and as they do that they get space for a low cost. When they occupy a piece of the building, I would get 5% of their business. This business is a partnership, meaning that we will work with you.

What does Concept LLC. offer?

Is Concept Business Acceleration LLC. a labor union?

No, this is not a labor union. there are many small businesses that are banded togethre, but they do not exactly work together. they can help each other, but they don't do the same thing. so the answer is no.

how does Concept Business Acceleration LLC. help the environment?

we help the environment by having a completely solar powered building. we have a lot of windows, so we let the natural light do most of the lighting. our light bulbs are energy saving. We have a partnership with NRG , an energy company, that allows us to use 80% renewable energy. this energy isn't local. we get our energy from wind farms and other scattered places in the U.S. Also, we use solar panels on the top of our building.