Causes Of The American Reveloution


Navigation Acts

The main purpose of the Navigation Acts was to put mercantilism into effect. Colonists now we're only allowed to trade with English ships and only a certain number of goods were allowed to be traded. Shortly after came the Sugar Act, where duties were placed on sugar. This forced Americans to buy costly sugar from the British West Indies. The navigation acts were put into effect 1651
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The Proclamation of 1763

The Procloamation of 1763, was a boundary set by King George III. No colonist was allowed to settle west of the Apillachian mountains, in order to avoid costly wars against the Indians. The Proclamation was set after the French and Indian war.
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Stamp Act

The Stamp Act taxed anything that was printed on paper. It was created to help pay for debts, caused by the French and Indian war. Samuel Adams, creator of the "Sons of Liberty" used boycotting as a protest method. In 1765 a group of 9 colonies met in New York to discuss and debate about the taxes at the Stamp Act Congress.
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The Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was put into effect in 1765. This act required colonists to house, feed, And clothe the British Soldiers. The reason this act was put into was because of the social and political problems in the colonies.
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In 1767, the Townsend Acts were passed. Colonists were now forced to pay taxes on items including, glass, tea, and paper. In 1770 The Townsend Acts were repealed, but the British Goevernment continued to tax tea. The Sons Of

Liberty used violence to respond to the taxation on tea.

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Boston Massacare

In March 5, 1770 About 20 colonists and 5 soldiers were standing in an alley. The colonists were saying rude things that the soldiers. The soldiers later fire, leaving 5 dead. Samuel Adams used propane a to emphasize the number of deaths.
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Boston Tea Party

The Tea Act taxed tea used in the colonies. Colonists did not like this tax, and did the un-thinkable. The Boston Tea Party was a political protest by the "Son's Of Liberty" in 1773. Samuel Adams led this protest. During this protest members of the "Son's Of Liberty", threw 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbour.
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The Intolerable Acts

The Coercive Acts, also known as the Intolerable acts were passed were passed in the spring of 1774. These acts were passed to make the colonists pay for the tea they wasted.

The laws stopped all trade between London and Boston, gave Britain full control over the colony, and strengthened the Quartering Act. The Intolerable act also did not allow town meetings, all of these laws angered the colonists greatly.

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American Reveloution (As a whole)

After the French and Indian war ended, everything started to turn sour. First the King declared the Proclamation of 1673, then the British taxed the colonists in any way they could to pay for their debts, like the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act. The colonists were upset, and used violence to get revenge. The British then passed the Intolerable Acts, which limited the rights of the colonists living in Boston.
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