Hate List

by: Jennifer Brown


A girl named Valerie has witnessed a school shooting from her boyfriend. She saved a girl named Jessica and got shot in the leg. All of the victims were on a hate list. She now has to go to school with everyone who thinks it is her fault. She connects with her therapist, Dr. Heiler, who helps her through.Valerie becomes friends with Jessica because Jessica asked her to help on a memorial. Valerie's parents split up when Valerie finds out her dad was with his secretary. She then has an idea to start a special memorial that she'll present at graduation.

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Settings of the Novel

Most of the story takes place at Valerie's house or at Garvin High School. It also takes place in Valerie's therapist's (Dr. Heiler) office.

About Jennifer Brown

She lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband and three children. She is inspired by places and adventures. She never planner on being a writer. She was going to be a teacher but she wrote a lot. She likes to write funny and serious things. She took night classes at William Jewell College and got a degree in psychology, but psychology was not her Grand Plan. It was writing.


Valerie is a protagonist. Nick is an antagonist because he causes Valerie to go through life without him. Valerie's mom is an antagonist because she doesn't help Valerie through this very well. Other characters are Valerie's dad, Briley, Jessica, Ginny, Christy.

Personal Recommendation

I would 100% recommend this book. I thought it was really good. There are some big words and cuss words in the book so you need to be able to handle it.

Riley Hammann