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Antrim Elementary School May 28, 2021

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Greetings from the Principal,

As we say goodbye to another month and welcome the last few weeks of school, I wanted to let you know of a couple of things.

  • Field day is scheduled for June 11 with a rain date of June 14. Our PE/Wellness teacher Mr. Benham will be sending out more detailed information about this event for students. Many thanks to the PTO for providing water bottles and popsicles for this event.
  • We are having a 4th grade "Send Off" via zoom on June 17th at 10am. We will send families a link as time gets a little closer. Many thanks to the PTO for purchasing some items for our students to remember us by.
  • The last day of school is June 17th, and it is a noon dismissal. We encourage you to decorate your cars for the last day of school so that our dismissal line looks like a fun parade.
  • We are planning to offer after school care next year through the Boys & Girls club. Please see the information below in this newsletter.
  • Our last PTO meeting of the year is June 10th at Noon. We invite everyone who is interested in helping to support the PTO for next year. Click HERE for the zoom link.

As a staff, we continue to be grateful to you, our students and families, for your continued support of our school all year. If you are feeling grateful for your child's teacher, I encourage you to send them an email or a note. Have a wonderful long weekend, and don't forget to take a few minutes to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Best wishes,


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Harris Center Visits Mrs. Hill's Class

The Harris Center came to visit Mrs. Hill's class outside in nature. This time they worked together to determine if the water in Great Brook was clean. To do this they collected macroinvertebrates. Some of these amazing insects are very sensitive to pollution. Did you know that dragonflies begin their life in the water? Many of the insects we see in the air go through partial metamorphosis. Mrs. Hill's class has good news! Great Brook had an amazing variety of life in it. They found mayfly larva, dragonfly nymphs, and even a dobsonfly larva. The water is very clean. Thank you Karen Rent for the wonderful lessons.

Ms. Lescarbeau's ABC Countdown

We have been excitedly celebrating all we have learned this year with an ABC Countdown! We have done lots of fun activities for each letter of the alphabet. We walked in the forest, painted with ice, and played games while wearing green! Last Friday was one of our favorite days! We had Hula Hoops and Hopscotch in the Hallway! We can't wait for the other fun activities to celebrate our learning together this year!

Ms. Hartshorne's Countdown

Ms. Hartshorne's room is doing an alphabet countdown before we Zig-Zag-Zoom off to summer! This week we did a STEM "I for Icecube" challenge and a "J for jigsaw" story challenge. In the story challenge, small groups worked together to make up a story using pictures from an unfamiliar book. Their stories were creative and funny! They are showing grit and team work in these final days of school!

We Encourage One Another

Mr. MacLeod's students created encouraging notes for each of Mrs. Hartshorne's students to help them do their best and remember their capabilities on the NWEA assessment!
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Sending Rockets to the Moon

4th graders from Mr. MacLeod's class have spent time launching rockets in science. We learned about chemical reactions where a new substance is formed, experimented with different amounts of baking soda and vinegar, created our own launch pads, and aimed our rockets at a hoop which represented the moon!

More WOW Creations

Ms. Lawler's Class Learns About Pollinators

For the past two weeks, the students in Ms. Lawler's 2nd grade have been exploring the world of pollinators with teacher naturalist Karen Rent from the Harris Center. We got to dissect flowers and learn the different flower parts, look closely at some bees and other pollinators, create our own pollinator out of craft materials and explore the Secret Garden and grounds of the school looking for pollinating insects. It was an exciting learning experience and we loved discovering and exploring the natural world right outside the walls of our classroom.
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