3 Branches of U.S. Government

Brandon Brantley

Judicial, Legislative, and Executive

The Judicial Branch of government is made up of the courts and judges in america. Their job is to determine whether or not laws are constitutional, and to pass new proposed laws. The Legislative Branch, also known as Congress, is composed of the House of Representatives, and the Senate. They are the voice American citizens. The Executive Branch is the president and his cabinet. They are in control of native and foreign affairs, and also command the military, police and civil administration.

Explanation on Why the Founding Fathers Created a Constitution

The way the government was set up before was not working, farmers were rebelling. The founding fathers gathered to fix these problems, and make our country stronger. In the past, government is made from either chance, or war, but the founding fathers wanted to calmly sit down together and make up the constitution. The constitution guarantees certain rights for citizens of the United States of America.