Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

By: Mitchell schilling


Are you a Mr. Krabs? You know cheap. Well, if you are, you need to make the right choice so you can save your money. I have the perfect solution for you. It’s the six step decision making process. It’s as simple as spelling deicide because each letter in decide stands for a step. I even


D stands for define the decision, so as I walk into Target I’m thinking about what need. I’m in Lexington, which is out of town. I’m in a basketball tournament and we made it to the next day. We are staying in a hotel, but I forgot to bring my swim suit, and I want to go swimming with my friends. I also need a jacket because it was going to be cold. I only brought twenty dollars. The swim suit I found had cool colors, and fit really was 15$. The jacket was cool looking and it fit well. I would wear it more than the swim trunks. The jacket was 20$.

Some of my choices


E stands for estimate recourses available. I had my money which is 20$. We only brought one car. I didn’t have a lot of time because I had a game soon. There were plenty of stores that had what I wanted.


C stands for consider the alternatives. I can get the swim suit for 15$, or I could get the jacket for 20$. They both fit and both looked good. The jacket cost more but I would wear it more than the suit. I needed them both.


I stands for information gathered. I know that the jacket is 20$. The swim suit is 15$. I need them both at the time, and they are not on sale. Only one is the item I can choose.

D and E

D stands for decide. After all the information gathered I have decided to buy the jacket. I walked out of target warm. E stands for evaluate the decision. I think I made the right decision because even though I spent all my money I will wear the jacket more than just a few times. I liked the color of the jacket, and it fit well. That is how the decision making process helped me.