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Website Updates

Dear Ambassadors and Advisory members,

Several things have updated on the EduPaths website since we arrived. We were able to accomplish the following tasks as we march toward the official website launch on February 17.

  • Established a template for all EduPaths courses - for current and future projects to be added to the site
  • Created a Course Specifications document for developers - identifying what needs to be included in courses
  • Created an EduPaths Course Rubric to evaluate courses as they review the work they have completed prior to handing it off to us to add to Canvas
  • Spelled out and clarified the D.E.A.M. model and established the path for the icons to serve as the links to get to the courses.
  • Updated the way the Pathways work - making them more functional
  • Provided assistance about navigating the site and providing congruence to the look and feel of the pages
  • Updated FAQ page - adding navigating resources (video and visual aids) to assist users (see samples below - feel free to use during presentations)
  • Established process for courses to be reviewed prior to publishing
  • Published courses ready for participation (and potential for SCECHs)
  • Published courses External to EduPaths (external courses not eligible for SCECHs)
  • Added Statewide events to the Calendar and update regularly
  • Added School Improvement Frameworks to the site and #tags for easy search; in the process of adding Curriculum & ISTE Frameworks - courses will be tagged with appropriate standards and #tag words/phrases for easy identification
  • Added 22i Online Assessment Awareness Course to Published Courses
  • In the process of adding T3 courses - Modules 8, 9 & 10 to the list of courses

We are currently working with vendors to add courses they are developing for EduPaths. Anticipate their courses to be adding soon - which will be a few courses every few weeks. Content designers are also beginning to plan their own course development, along with working with our vendors and independent course developers to use the new Canvas template.

We have been grateful for the opportunity to serve on this project. If there are things you can recommend as we continue to plan our work, feel free to send those recommendations to Danielle. She will update us on the ideas as they flow in.

Looking forward to seeing this site developing even more!

Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, Molly Bruzewski

Join us for a Twitter Chat - EduPaths on Digital Learning Day

EduPaths is launching on Digital Learning Day #DLDay, a nationwide effort to promote modern tools in K-12 schools, on February 17!

EduPaths is a free professional development portal for all Michigan educators through which they can personalize their learning plan "Any Time, Any Place" through in-person, blended and online learning.

Join us for a Twitter chat from 12 - 1 p.m. on Digital Learning Day to discuss online learning and technology in the classroom.

#EduPathsDLD EduPaths is part of the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) funded by the Michigan Department of Education, aligned with Michigan's School Improvement Framework as well as multitiered systems of support.

Connect with us!


Twitter @EduPathsMDE #MichEd

Classroom Readiness Advisory Meeting

Friday, Feb. 12th, 9am-2pm

2413 West Maple Avenue

Flint, MI

(Davis Building - Room 102A)

Adobe connection information:

Facilitator: Danielle Letter, TRIG Classroom Readiness Project Manager


(Located in 2015-2016 Meeting Agenda and Minutes)