What's New in C2...


Field Trip

Monday is our field trip to Wadsworth Tree Farm. We will leave at 8:30 and arrive at the farm around 9:30. Learners should wear a PRS shirt and comfortable shoes. If your child is bringing his or her lunch, please send only labeled, disposable items. (No lunch boxes or refillable water bottles, please.) We'll return to PRS no later than 1:30PM. If you would like to check your child out before leaving the tree farm, please see your child's teacher to fill out the check-out sheet.

Crosstitch Productions Puppet Troupe

C2 learners are looking forward to the production of the puppet show "The Holiday Bug" coming this Wednesday at 9 AM.
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December is here!

We have a busy next few weeks before Christmas break! Important upcoming events:

Monday, Dec. 7: Wadsworth Christmas Tree Farm Field Trip

Monday, Dec. 7: PRS Polar Express 6:00 PM (Winter Social for PRS families sponsored by PTSA)

Wednesday, Dec. 9: K-2 Puppet Show @ PRS

Friday, Dec. 18: Class Parties/Last day of school

Tuesday, Jan. 5: Learners return to school

C6 Canned Food Project

Donations of canned food items are now being accepted by Community 6. They are working on a project to build structures with the cans and determining how much space they take up. Afterwards, the cans will be donated to a local food bank. The last day for can collecting will be December 16.
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A Little Bit About Our Learning

  • RI 2.6: Identifying the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain, or describe
  • RI 2.2: Main idea and details of text
  • W 2.2: Informative and explanatory writing
  • L 2.1: Sentence structure


  • 2.NBT.7: Addition and subtraction with regrouping to 1000
  • 2.NBT.8: Mentally add and subtract 10 and 100 from any number 0-1000


  • 2.OA.1: Word problems
  • 2.OA.4: Use addition to find objects in rectangular arrays with up to 5 columns and up to 5 rows. Write an equation to express the total sum of equal addends.


"Ecosystems" subsection

  • 2.5: Plan and carry out an investigation to determine the growth needs of plants
  • 2.6: Design and construct models to simulate how animals disperse seeds or pollinate plants
  • 2.7: Obtain information from literature and other media to illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things and that they exist in different places on land and in water

PRS Polar Express

Wanted: All PRS families

What: A night of fun with Santa, games, food and fellowship. (Sponsored by the PRS PTSA)

When: December 7th from 6:00-8:00 PM

Where: PRS Cafeteria

Cost: $5.00 per family

*Chick-fil-a and Jim N' Nicks sandwiches will be available for separate purchase.

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