Who I Admire

Kimberli Howard

My Mom

My mom was born on July 29 1980.

She likes to read books, shop for clothes, travel, and help others.

There are not too many things she dislikes, but some of them are people who lie, especially for no reason, seafood, and traveling by boat.

She is a mental health social worker at the hospital. Even though she doesn't get paid that much, she belives you should enjoy where you work because of the job you do, not the pay.

She has a great friendship with a woman she has known since she was 14 in ninth grade. Her friend and her family are like our family.

She got her bacherlor's degree from Elizabeth State University and her master's degree in social work from the University of New England. She is currently working on becoming a lisenced clincal social worker.

Her inspirations are to be the best mother and social worker she can be and also providing a good life for her family.