Lulu/My Awesome Publishing Company

Lulu/My Awesome Publishing Company Plan for GQES

It all begins January 4!

Jan 4 - Brainstorm/Choose Topic

Jan 11 - Prewriting (plan paper using bulleted list, graphic organizer)

Jan 25 - Write 1st Draft

Feb 1 - Revise 1st Draft (reread writing piece to self)

Feb 8 - Peer Edit (have a partner to check your writing to ensure it makes sense and flows nicely)

Feb 16 - 2nd Draft, in “mock book” format, goes to teacher for final edit

(“Mock book”, 10 pages long, including illustrations.)

Feb 22 - Submit Final Draft to teacher for approval

Feb 29 - Ready to publish into Lulu

Friday, March 4 – Writing piece must be complete

Friday, April 8 – Lulu books must be complete & ready to publish