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Week of February 15th-19th

Happy Friday!

Thank you again to Sunshine for organizing the Death by Chocolate! Fun!

Teachers, Edcamp is Monday! We will be hosting all the ECS, Headstart, Plano Literacy, and Employee Childcare friends. Please be here and in the activity room prior to 8:00. We need to start right away to fit all the great fun in!

We have collected enough parent surveys and will be removing the computers from the hall after party day. Thank you for your help collecting this important information.

If you need things replaced in your classrooms, please let your team leaders know. We are ordering soon. We have only heard from one team so far.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Coming soon:

Monday, Feb. 15 PHD Day (Edcamp- 8 AM, Behavior-1:30 PM, Lunch on your own)

Tuesday, Feb. 16 Webinar -Behavior Strategies @ 3:30

Wednesday, Feb. 17 Team Leader Mtg. @ 3:30

Friday, Feb. 19 N6 Meeting @ 11:00 (MPR)

Upcoming February Birthday Girls:

Shauna Gantt 2/26

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Thank you Gaylon, Elena, Sonia, Rhonda for your assistance getting ready for Edcamp!
  • Thank you Sarah for the fabulous Edcamp banners!
  • Shauna and Dendy – Thank you for all of your support and help! You ladies are the best!! ~Krista
  • Sarah & Nikki- amazing dedication helping spread kindness in our building with the Act of Kindness bulletin boards. ~ Elena
  • A special thank you to my teaching assistant, Yanira Portalatin, for going that extra mile last week in preparation for my conferences. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!! I feel truly blessed to be working with such a humble and hardworking individual. Gracias. ~ Yessica
  • Jessica has done the work of 2 people while Micree was sick. Thank you for always thinking about my room and keeping up with the details!!~ Jennifer N.
  • To our Beaty Family: Thank you for being so supportive of my presentation. You are all wonderful!!!! ~ Mysti
  • To Andrea and Phyllis: Thank you for always being ahead of schedule with materials and for being so outstanding with students! ~ Mysti
  • Thank you Cindy for being such a great suite mate. You are always willing to help and share. ~ Sonia
  • Thank you Shauna for sharing your great ideas with the rest of the staff. ~ Sonia
  • I love our Sunshine Committee!!!! You do so many wonderful activities that help us love being a part of Beaty even more. Thanks for all you do. ~ Sonia
  • To Sydney: Way to keep the TOTY panel “popping”!!! ~Mysti
  • To Bridgette: Thank you for all of your support with paperwork, ideas/strategies, and for just listening when we need it!!!! ~Mysti
  • Thank you for the goodies you leave in my mailbox Elena Helms. ~ Micree
  • Kudos to the Sunshine committee and all the participants of the Souper Bowl event. It was yum-mazing! ~ Micree
  • Thank you to Dennise. You always find the best books to support whatever lesson I am working on. My kids love them!!~ Jasper
  • Thank you to CINDY KELLOGG. She is always willing to step up and be a general education representative for ARD meetings. Sometimes on even very short notice. ~ Jasper
  • Clutter – Thanks for your support, encouragement and help. I appreciate you!! –Jasper
  • Thanks to Julia Bailey for accepting instant substitute teaching jobs! ~ Micree
  • Jennifer Newberry, Heather Schmitt, Maria Elena Resendiz, Jessica McPherson, and Stephanie Griffith-I am loving our team work. ~ Micree
  • I appreciate Emily Fore for collecting meaningful data to share with parents at a CMIT meeting. ~Jan
  • Our parent liaison, Flor Santiago, is awesome! She is helpful, intelligent, and kind. I am so glad you are at Beaty ECS. ~Jan
  • Many thanks to Dina and the entire Beaty staff for making Counselors’ Week so much fun! I feel so spoiled. I also appreciate your support of Friendship Week. ~Jan
  • Maria Jimenez, you are amazing and can juggle so many duties! I appreciate the way you respond quickly to the needs of our students, staff, and parents. ~Jan
  • Desiree, you take such great care of all of us. I appreciate the knowledge you share with us daily. You are always learning and looking for ways to be innovative and improve care. ~Jan
  • Dendy and Dina, Thank you soooo very much for your assistance with the football squares game. That was awesome of y’all to think of candy and the Sonic gift card was great Dina! #footballisconfusingtome ~ Shauna
  • Sunshine Committee, Thank you all so, so much for all of your support over the past few weeks with the Souper Bowl preparations and all the Valentine’s activities. Y’all are all so patient with me as I learn about how to do Sunshine Committee! ~ Shauna
  • EVERYONE, I’m so glad that you participated in the Amiable Acrostics. It was really fun for us to uplift each other in this Wild month of so many busy schedules. Xoxo; ~Shauna

  • Debbie Reeves, thank you for helping all of us in the front office. We truly appreciate it. ~Jan
  • Thanks to Gaylon for setting up computers each day for the parent survey and for helping me with my technological mishaps and projects. ~Jan
  • Dennise is the best librarian ever! She is constantly sharing new stories with me that teach students an important life lesson. I appreciate the enthusiasm and joy you bring to reading. ~Jan
  • Dina: Thank you for everything you do. We are all so fortunate to receive your leadership and support. THANK YOU! ~Amy
  • Bridgette: You are the ARD Queen! Thank you for being so prompt to answer questions and to step in as needed. You Rock!~ Amy
  • Kaye, Lori, & Amanda: Thank you for being so wonderful! Your positive energy and love for the kids shines through and through. I love working with you! -Amy
  • Rhonda, you are such a support to all of us. You have taught me many things and are always so willing to help. ~Jan
  • Thanks to Bridgette and the Assessment Team for helping me problem solve the student concerns addressed through CMIT. ~Jan
  • I appreciate Elena, Janaki, Rachana, Nikki, and any other amazing people who updated the selfie walls and created the kindness bulletin boards. I love it! I am so happy that Elena’s creativity is on turbo speed. ~Jan

  • Marta-Thank you for being a fast and hard-working TA!!~ Coleen
  • Lorie-You rock! Thanks for your creativity!~ Coleen
  • Nikki Alexander-you have no idea how much you have helped us. ~ Micree
  • Donna Mantz-you should come back to work for real since you do a lot of real work even when you are not here. Thank you for completing our projects. ~ Micree
  • Thanks Gaylon for your timely responses to all my computer issues - Andrea
  • "That's ok. Just put it in the system! We'll deal with it. Get some rest!" are words that I never thought I'd hear from a colleague much more a team leader. Thank you Coleen for saying that---it really helped me get the peace of mind to get the rest I needed. ~ Micree
  • Heather Schmitt--you are one of a kind! You are teaching me a life skill and I can only hope that I don't fail you as a student. ~ Micree
  • Jan Hughes, you are the counselor of my heart. Thank you for always keeping your door open to everyone who just need to let it out. ~ Micree
  • Thank you Lipi, Jeanne, Alex and Phyllis for helping gather/make materials (and good ones!) for small group and making learning fun! I truly appreciate your help, creativity, and valuable time! –Sandra
  • I always look forward to our library visits. You make them extra special Dennise! Keep it up! ~ Micree
  • To Shauna and the Sunshine Team: Thank you for all the yumminess in February!!! ~ Mysti
  • Jan Hughes- For always listening and helping with our most needy students. ~ Elena
  • Thanks to Sunshine for organizing the Super Bowl cook-off. It was great! Thanks to everyone that brought delicious soups, dips, salads, and desserts for the Super Bowl lunch.~ Gerry
  • Thanks to Shauna for doing such a great job with the Sunshine Committee this year! ~ Alex
  • Maria. - For being amazing and organized ~ Elena
  • I want to thank everyone who quickly identified students with breathing difficulties over the past few weeks. You are awesome and keep our students safe by identifying symptoms and seeking help. There have been several cases where staff’s early identification of breathing difficulties helped avoid a potential life threatening situation. You ROCK!~ Desiree