great people sing!

Every other Friday middle school lunch in room 131!

A great music club!

You might play an instrument or be an amazing singer, but you didn't sign up for band or choir. Do you want to show off that skill? Join this club! You can sing, play an instrument, both or help with the off stage kind of stuff. We'll be learning about the music industry and how to produce music. Our end of the year goal is to send in a finished song to a record label.

Mrs. Zimmerman's room, 131, during middle school lunch, every other Friday.

our leaders

it's going to be awesome!

If You Wanted To Know...

  • We'll be sending in music through Liz's connections. She's able to contact a record label through friends, which meets our end of the year goal.
  • If you don't want to play/sing the music, we have other stuff for you to do! If you'd like to film, edit, or direct music videos and songs, we'd love your help!
  • We'll be a huge band/giant family. Love it or leave it.
  • We may perform in talent shows, at open mic's, etc. The school talent show is another goal we are working towards. Whether we win or lose, we're working towards it.