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The woman's point of view; what a women thinks about the house of life in her community

Personally, I think all children should have a right to learn in the Egyptian community. My daughter without an education is not able to get a good job. Education is important for every Egyptian kid even if they are a different gender and impoverished they should have the right to be educated.

-Nartissia age 23, 2 children

The interview with an empowering female pharaoh- Hatsheput

Reporter-"Do you enjoy being the only girl pharaoh of the New Kingdom?"

Hatsheput - " I personally do enjoy being pharaoh but sometimes i feel like the people of Egypt do not want me as pharaoh."

Reporter-" Who told you were going to be pharaoh of Egypt one day?"

Hatsheput- "My father he always had a seer spot for me."

Adds of Egypt for the ladies

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Hi my name is Marcaia I am selling this blue turquoise pot for all your cooking needs. It is in perfect condition and I am willing to sell it for 6 gold pieces. If you are willing to buy this pot you can find me in the center of Thebes market palace. Hurry before it is sold :)

Weekly cleaning tips so you can have a clean Egyptian home.

Cleaning tips

  • Organizing your outside farm; to keep the animals from causing harm you can build the new Egyptian wall that will protect your animals from leaving the farm.Made of mud bricks you can find this at your local market place.Your happy farmer husband will be relieved when he comes home.
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Tossing up the Gossip from Egyptian news!

Egyptian News

This topic has spread all over the Egyptian neighborhood .Recently a farmer lost all his crops from a sandstorm his animals emerged from his farm. His family was forced to move into the city. Make sure you have the mud brick fence!

Egyptian foods fit for a pharaoh!

Cucumber and pita is the perfect fit for you

1 cucumber, peeled and cut into thin quarter slices

Then combine the cucumber with a pita (pocket bread) cut into 2 halves

Then add the pita bread!

Then you have your Gourmet lunch fit to feed your family of royalty

Ancient Woman Activities

Here are some activities that you could do in your daily life style!

  • Gardening
  • Make cleaning a game
  • Make cooking creative and always try new recipes
  • Try new things
  • Make your own clothing

Events in Cairo

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 9pm

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Cairo, Cairo Governorate

Learn how to make the best of clothing for yourself and family!

Fashions of Egypt- Here we have all of the new styles of Egypt!

Below you can see all the top Egyptian fashions for this season! The sky blue dress below can be easily made but also stylish. You can find fabrics similar to this at your local market place. You can all see the beaded skirt around the beautiful women. This is all the Egyptian rage this season. This skirt will allow you to cool( nice temperature) but also fashionable.
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Egyptian Hiroglyph of the day

Below you can see the word love. Every Egyptian woman dreams of love. Although not every woman can find true love, every woman must keep in mind that her parents expect her to marry for money. But every woman needs to know that you shouldn't marry for money but for love.
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