European Union By: Kristina Zahn


Belgium was a founder of the EU joining in 1958. This country was originally part of The Netehrlands but became independent in 1830. Belgium is located in Westen Europe, boarding the North Sea between France and the Netherlands.
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The flag is 3 colors, black, yellow, and red. The yellow stands for a yellow lion with red claws and a red tongue on a black field. The flag was adopted on September 13, 1831


The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Some cities are Spa, Namur, Charleroi, Diant.


Belgium is home auto a town named spa. Named after all the spas in the city. This city is very popular in Belgium.

Geography and Govermnent and Currency

Belgium is home to many mountains including a very large mountain named Mount Botrange. There government type is a constitutional monarchy. They now have Euros as there currency but used prior Franc.


- Belgium is about the same size as Maryland

- the smurfs were created in Belgium by Peyo

- Belgium is home to waffles and chocolate


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