October 21st - 25th

Self-Control & Red Ribbon Week

October 21st: Kinder - 1st

Discuss new bathroom policy with your class. (Only 1 student in and out at a time.)

1. Discuss with students how they will know (in your room) what it looks like when someone is already out of your room to use the restroom.

2. How are students going to to notify you that they are out of the room?

October 21st: 2nd - 5th

Discussion Question: What is Red Ribbon Week About? Why do we celebrate this as a school, and as a nation?

October 22nd: All Grades

Red Ribbon Week focuses on Making Healthy Choices, Doing the Right Thing, and Keeping Ourselves and Others Safe.

What is some things you could do this week to celebrate your "Red Pledge" of being healthy, doing the right thing, and keeping ourselves and others safe?

October 23rd: All Grades

Part of Red Ribbon Week's pledge to be safe is knowing when to report things to a trusted adult. What are some things that you may have to report to a trusted adult?

October 24th: All Grades

Doing the right thing, taking steps to be healthy, and keeping ourselves and others safe will take encouragement from those around us.

Play this game with your kids which will have them show encouragement as well as practice self-control.

Applause, Please.

Form groups of between three and five students. One person from each group (the finder) steps out of the classroom. The rest of the group picks an object (for instance, the pencil sharpener) in the classroom for the finder to find. When the finder comes back in, they begin walking around the classroom in search of the object. The others cannot say anything, but they can give hints by using applause to lead the finder in the right direction. If the finder is far away from the object, the group will clap slowly and softly. When the finder gets close, the group will applaud faster and more loudly until the finder picks the correct object.

October 25th: All Grades

The month of October we are looking at the trait of self-control.

K-2 Discussion Questions:

1.How does being healthy take self-control?

2. How does doing the right thing take self-control?

3-5 Discussion Question: How is this extremely relevant to Red Ribbon Week?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary