The Birkenfelds TomLand Update

September 2015

Back in the Saddle

We landed back in TomLand 10 days ago and have transitioned past the phase of jet leg and are now adjusting back to what is such a different culture than the States. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Texas spent with family, friends, and many of you!! BUT, it's also good to be back in our own house and continuing to pursue the work Father has for us here.

Since arriving back, we've had a chance to worship together with the local "club" plant and also hang out with many of our Tom friends. We went to the annual city fair and carnival with B & H and also had them over for brunch. As our relationship with them deepens, we want to continue to be intentional in words and actions in pointing to our King. Please lift that up.

These next few weeks will be spent getting into a groove with our daily/weekly schedules. Brock is excited to spend more time out and about sharing and sowing seeds. He is also taking two seminary classes and researching/pursuing a handful of business ideas to provide identity and relationship here. Megan has also started helping with a ladies English club which will hopefully produce some more relationships as well. There's always things to be done!

But most of all we want to praise Father for getting us back here. May we give Him the reins and may He make Himself renowned in this place!

Business Ideas and P-Requests

As mentioned above, Brock is excited about being freed up this year to really flesh out some potential long-term business ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen, though, so Brock's hoping to really figure out their feasibility and impact on our work here. Some of the possibilities -- taco/mexican food truck, distributing Spikeball in TomLand, a travel and tourism intermediary company, or selling beautiful Tom rugs back to the States.

Furthermore, Brock recently started doing sales consulting in this region with a industrial mixing equipment manufacturer out of Kentucky that has a heart for the nations. Check them out here and here. So he's chasing leads and meeting with potential customers.


1. Lift up the New Day ch**ch plant. Upon our return, there have been a few developments that we are working through. In addition, we're trying to ramp up our efforts to engage more people and do so in a culturally relevant and reproducible manner.

2. Ask that the Spirit would go out before us each day, lead us to those interested in the things of J, and that we'd lean into Him for our strength, our boldness, our protection, and our joy.

3. Lift up TomLand in general as its recently been hit with a lot of turmoil and inter-racial conflict, especially in the Eastern regions. While we doubt anything too severe will come from the recent violence, we do ask our King to bring peace back country-wide and that our work and presence here will not be hindered.

4. Finally, please pr** for our adoption process. We are now simply in waiting mode. The timing of everything is a complete unknown so ask Father to help us trust Him and His sovereignty.

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