Let's thank Janet for... well, you get to decide!

Slideshow of Thanks!

As we all know, Janet Swenson retired as the Director of the Red Cedar Writing Project. To honor her many years of dedication and service, we are putting together a slideshow displaying how she changed our worlds. This will be shared with her at her retirement party. In order to pull this off, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We’re asking that everyone takes a photo of him/herself. Please follow this format:

  • Take the photo in landscape format

  • Showcase your classroom, office, school, or part of the world that you live in

  • Hold a sign that completes the sentence, “Thank you...” This sign should have a max of 10 words (do not include the intro statement to the sentence, just what you are thankful for in your interactions/experiences with Janet).

  • Make sure your sign is EASY TO READ (close enough to the camera, legible handwriting/font, not too busy). Your sign will be displayed for a few seconds, so please be sure Janet will be able to read your nice sentiment.

Example Photo

Big image

How to submit photos:

  1. Rename your photo with your FULL NAME so we know who you are.

  2. Email your photo to Mary Wever (

  3. If you're having a hard time submitting your photos, please contact Renee for help. We would rather have you ask questions and submit photos rather than not participate. :)

We are asking for all photos to be submitted by Monday, September 14 (that's this Monday!). This project should only take you a few minutes to complete, but it will last a lifetime for Janet!

Share! Do you know someone who has worked with Janet during her time with the Red Cedar Writing Project? Please help us spread this secret message so that we can include as many participants as possible!

Questions? Email Mary at or Renee at

Party RSVP

If anyone would still like to RSVP to attend our celebration for Janet on Sunday, September 20, PLEASE send an email to by Saturday, September 12, 2015. The planning committee must have our final number of guests attending in order to plan for the event. Thanks for your help during such a busy time of year.