Human Dependence Project

The 2 main issues with Deforestation

Deforestation is the clearing of land, mostly by humans. The forest alone "covers around a quarter to a third of the total land surface of the earth". Every time your cutting an area or a acre of land it kills community/environment with animals such as birds in their nest, squirrels in trees and the air that we breath-in that kept us alive. Too much of Deforestation can lead to "soil erosion which can be turned into pollution problems". In extreme conditions it can turn into humans having little amount of air to breath in.

The negative effects of Deforestation

There are so many negative effects of Deforestation but the main one is the loss of habitat "for millions of species". "Seventy percent of earth's land animals and plants live in forests, and so many cannot survive deforestation that destroys their homes".

The main regions or area of Deforestation

Deforestation happens all around the world but it mainly happens in Europe & Russia (studies shown in 2002). Deforestation is also caused by climate changes, "the increase of storms in the area and disease.
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The most common affected wildlife by Deforestation

The wildlife in the amazon forest is being the most affected by deforestation.

Deforestation is not just humans cutting down trees its also caused by wildfires, " clear-cutting for agriculture" and climate changes.

How the wildlife is affected by Deforestation

Humans are coming in and cutting down trees. When they cut down trees they're killing an animals habitat/home. They're also destroying where the animals get their food source. Some animals can not escape Deforestation when they try to get out of the way. Unfortunately, some of these animals are sold because of the high prices they can bring in for the seller. That is making them extinct.

Does Deforestation affect League City?

League City does depend on Deforestation greatly because we use items such as medicine, shelter, food, wood, paper, beef and even palm oil or lotion imported from other places. That is why Deforestation is a huge world wide issue, because cities around the world depend on a few areas in the world with forests to provide the products/resources needed.
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How people are affected by Deforestation?

People are definitely affected by Deforestation. In areas with Tropical forests "tribal groups are forced to change their resource group" or home. "Latin America has lost about thirty seven percent of their tropical forest, Central America has lost sixty six percent, Southeast Asia has lost thirty eight percent and last but definitely not least Central Africa has lost fifty two percent"." Nearly twenty million acres Destroy". These are all areas of the world where people could live. Most tribes are being forced out of their homes to move to different locations. Also, without trees there would be no humans because the air would be unsuitable to breath.

What causes Deforestation

Deforestation is mainly caused by us. It occurs because people need supplies like paper and wood. We also use the cut down trees to continue building homes for people to live in. If someone gets sick we give them medicine to get better, and some of these medicines come from rainforest plants. Lumberjacks are hired to cut down trees to help us make all of these products and many more.

Some solutions that people have come up with for Deforestation

We can recycle and reuse products when possible. We can also go paperless. We can "eat Vegetarian meals as often as possible", which can also make you very healthy. Those three things can make a huge impact if we all test it out sometime in our lives. We could probably change the world.

My solution to Deforestation

My solution for deforestation is for every tree you cut down you put in seeds for a new tree to grow. When that new tree grows back in you can cut it down again then so on and so on.

So it's good for our economy and good for our environment. I know what you might be thinking that it is still bad to cut down trees but we can't stop cutting down trees for the things that we need, so this is a great way to responsibly use what mother nature has given us.

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