Reaching My Huge Goal

I Will Make It To The NFL

I am...

Hi I am Eddie. I love to play sports. I play football, baseball, and basketball. I really like to have fun. So, at recess I don't always play my favorite sports. I like food. i also love to be funny. However, football is my favorite sport out of anything. My dream was always to get to the NFL and I will never stop working to reach my goal and I will always believe I will make it to the NFL!
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Many people try to get to the NFL and fail. Even if you practice all day you still might not make it. I practice all the time in football season. I can make amazing catches and tackles and stuff like that but that is not good enough for me. Until I make the NFL I will not be satisfied. I take pride with my catches and tackles but that is not good enough. I got a one handed catch over three people, I was proud but not satisfied.