LAST 8th Grade Newsletter

Keeping you in the "KNOW"

The last 7 days of school:

Monday, June 1:
  • IE - Block 1
  • B.T. - Distribution of HONOR's Summer Reading in Liz's B.T. Please send all students who are taking Honors History and/or English to My room at the start of B.T.
Tuesday, June 2:
  • IE -Block 1
  • B.T. - Auditorium with the H.S. Administration
  • Team Meeting
  1. One to One Brainstorming! MUST HAPPEN! Please bring possible concerns to team meeting.
  2. Discipline Log with Detentions and Suspensions list.
Wednesday, June 3:
  • IE - Block 3
  • B.T. - Skype (or something like it) in the balcony with Mr. Finkbeiner and a famous scientist.
Thursday, June 4: Step Up Day
  • IE - Block 5
  • B.T. - Possible Step Up Time with 7th grade???
  • Team Meeting:
  1. Last Reward Day Prep
Friday, June 5:
  • IE - Block 5
Monday, June 8: Grades due by 8:00 AM & Reward Day. Schedule for Reward Day forthcoming!
Tuesday, June 9: Last Day of School!
  • 8-9: Block 1 meets and you take attendance. Take your Block 1 class up to the cafeteria for the breakfast
  • 9-9:30?: Class Photo Montage and Teacher Trivia
  • 9:30-10:30: Baron Time having ice cream in our rooms
  • 10:30-11:15: 8th Grade Awards
  • 11:15-11:30: Clap OUT
  • 11:42: Dismissal :)
  • 12:00 Faculty Lunch
Wednesday, June 10: Scheduling Summit starting at 8:00 AM


1. Fill out the Googledocs with your baron time for students who need anti-gluten Ice instead of Ice Cream for the last day.
2. Please begin creating a list of students who are currently failing your course and talk to them about they need to go to reward day. Students who fail your course will need someht
3. Domain 4 folder needs to be complete by Tuesday, June 9th.
4. Please keep all money and donation papers logged and remind students to bring them in ASAP. Bring what you have on Tuesday, June 2nd.