My Society

By Nicholas A

What is a human

The definition of a human in our society is that you are at least 51% human. This is because we want people to be more human than robotic. We want this because if you were mostly robotic then robot would have more control,but this is only for robots. If you want to use Bio Goo you must get government approval for it. This is because Bio Goo can make live for over 1,000 years. Then you have to have most of you brain in you new body and 1/3 of the other parts.

Comparison to today's definition- Today there is no definition of legally human because the technology that would make you nonhuman doesn't exist. "I seriously doubt that there is such an all encompassing definition."- from

Compared to the book- In the book a legal human is a person who has under 100 points in the point system. How the point system works is that everybody part gets a point value and if you get that body part replaced then you get that much points. So once you hit 100 points you can't get anything replaced. " One way is point values... Every body gets 100 points... But a heart that is worth 35 alone. Throw in lungs and kidney that 95 points."

Bionic limbs giving new life to amputees


In our society cloning is legal but there is a catch. If you want to get cloned for any reason you must fight your clone to the death. This is because we believe that there should only be one of each person. We say this for your own good because if there are multiple of you of you running around then your life could be messed up. But there are some top sides to cloning you can improve your cells and health so you can sacrifice your self to live longer. Also you can only be cloned once so after you or your clone come out of the game it can't get cloned again.

Compared to cloning laws today- Laws about cloning do not exist because human cloning hasn't started. "When and if humans are ever cloned, i am sure it will be addresses at that time." "There is no such definition. And until cloning becomes an issue, there won't be one."-

Human Cloning Today Video

Human Clones | Through the Wormhole


To enforce bio rules is the Senior Medical Group or the S.M.G.(No pun intended). The S.M.G. enforces all law regarding medical safety. When you are trying to get pro mission to use Bio Goo 2/3 of the S.M.G. member must say yes to your request. To enforce laws the S.M.G. only gives out technology to government and S.M.G. approved doctors or scientist Also if you are a clone or medically enhanced then you must have a special I.D. So if something were to happen to you, you would be shone as legal medical wise.

Compared to today- There is no enforcing unit because there is no need.

Compared to the book- They have the F.S.E.B. which stand for The Federal Science Ethnics Board. To enforce laws the F.S.E.B. uses the point system. The point system is that everybody part has a value and if you get that part replaced you get that much points. Then everybody can get 100 points max if you go over 100 then you are illegal.


In our society if you are caught using machines to enhance you illegally then a few thing will happen. If you are the one receiving the machine then the machine will be removed and you will be thrown in jail for 15 years. But if you are the one giving the tech then you will be striped of any licens you have and get one life sentence. But if you are caught using Bio Goo illegally then the recipient will be thrown in a special jail. Then the giver of the Bio Goo will lose all there money and striped of all licens.

Compared to today- There is no laws for this topic so there is no punishment

Compared to the book- Instead of throwing the people in jail the F.S.E.B. just shuts down the lab.