All about cheetahs

By Allee Dorzweiler


If you want to learn about cheetahs you are in the right place. In this book you are going to learn about cheetahs habitat, their food, what they look like, and their Enemies! you're going to learn how their enemies live in the wild. Is that what your looking for then read this!


Some cheetahs live in africa and some live in asia. Most cheetahs only live n dry open places.They live in places called savannas. Only some cheetahs live in iran. That's where it is very dry.

Fun facts

  • Brother cheetahs stay together for live.
  • Cheetahs only hunt during the day. They do not go during the night it freaks them out.

Vocabulary Words

  • meters (means how long something is)
  • Enemies ( means Animals that dont like the other)


Did you want to learn about their habitat, what they look like, what they eat, and their enemies. Then you were in the right place. For more information, visit