Elementary Library Newsletter

February, 2022


If you receive a fine notice from conferences, you can:

1. Return the book if it's still in good condition, and the fine will be removed

2. Buy a replacement copy of the book from Amazon, Goodwill, etc. for the library as long as it's in good condition and the fine will be removed

3. Pay the fine and the fine will be removed

4. Donate any book in good condition to the library and the fine will be removed


Ms. Warren's Pick of the Week

My pick of the week is "Stand Up! Speak Up!" by Andrew Joyner. I chose Joyner's book for this week because it does a fantastic job representing diverse, young people who are willing to rise above and speak up to save our planet against climate change. The beautiful black, white, and green illustrations do a great job of showing all the ways our youth can come together and speak up! It also honestly presents the anxieties young people may have knowing the negative impacts climate change is having on our planet and their future. I want our students to know the power they have to stand up for our planet and the ways they can gather together to speak about it and make changes in order to have a bright future!


There's been a lot of buzz about large print books lately. I have typically associated LP books with an older population, but In reality, students and teachers are loving large print books, too!

Here's a few reasons why:

1. Large print makes the book seem less intimidating.

2. Large print is great for anyone with poor eyesight.

3. It's great for teaching students to read.

4. There's a certain amount of comfort level associated with LP books.

This librarian is going to be purchasing more large print books for our elementary schools!

For more information on large print from the perspective of both a teacher and a student, please watch the videos below!

Special thanks to Thorndike Press for supplying the videos.


These are the books that have been the most popular at each building recently!

OAKLAWN: Ology Books, Dork Diaries series, books about snakes, and the A-Z Mysteries series

WAKANDA: Cracker: Vietnam War books, The Goldfish Boy, Mother Bruce, Pokemon books and Minecraft books

RIVER HEIGHTS: Magic Treehouse series, Origami books, Unicorn books, and Dragon books

DOWNSVILLE: Kindle Fire's (for reading books on SORA), almanacs, and mythical creature books

KNAPP: Pusheen the Cat books, Minecraft books, Manga, and Anime