New Board Member Announcement

November 18, 2019

Dear District 41 Community,

We are pleased to announce that after ​reviewing the applications and interviewing candidates, we took action ​at the Special Board Meeting this evening to appoint Guillermo Guzman to ​fill the current vacant position. Mr. Guzman was approved by the Board with a 6-0 vote.

Mr. Guzman has been a resident of Glen Ellyn since 2006. In his application he said, “The outstanding public education system offered by Glen Ellyn is one of the main reasons why we selected the community when we were relocating from sunny California. As a citizen with a Hispanic background, I am pleased to see how the district has embraced diversity and establish programs to encourage inclusion and ethnic awareness. We consider ourselves fortunate that our son was able to enroll in the first class of the dual language program at Churchill that graduated last year.”

Mr. Guzman has been a market research professional for over 30 years in the Consumer Package Goods industry. He has held director level positions with Nielsen, Mattel, Enesco, and most recently NPD.

Thank you to all of the candidates who applied to fill this vacancy. We appreciate the time and effort that they put into the process. It is our hope that each candidate stays connected to the district and continues to pursue volunteer opportunities with us.


Dr. Robert Bruno


Board of Education