Blizzard Booking Blitz for BUCKS!

...And I'm not talking about OSU!

Apparently most of us are getting a blizzard over the next 48 hours and will be snowed in..LET's BLITZ!!!

-NOW through Thursday at 8pm-

For every February or March trunk show booked and entered into our system, I will add $10 to a drawing for total cash in hat!

If everyone books 1 trunk show, that is a pot of almost $400! HELLO, Spring Clothes to match our new Spring jewels!

Shows must be booked during this time period only. This is for in-home/person trunk shows ONLY! Online trunk shows do not count. Once you book, email me the hostess name and date!

Ideas to book:

***send our new line online lookbook via email or fb message and ask for their top 5 favorite pieces bc you are looking to add to your line.

that's your hook! reply to what they love with "Yes! That necklace is on my list--I love the color! And it as picked by Vogue in a Valentine's Day editorial! Actually, I still have a couple dates open for a "Get What You Really Wanted for Valentine's Day" trunk show! Let's do a super casual 90 minute style session with your girlfriends! Grab some wine and cupcakes--let's get you that list for free! What do you think about February 15th at 10am or February 21st at 7pm? Can't wait to see you!"

***Text out a cute redstamp of pictures of our new jewels styled with clothes on pinterest! And say "I am OBSESSED with the new Spring Line!! I totally thought of you with all of this color! What do you think about grabbing some girls for wine and showing off the pieces just picked up by Vogue!? I can't wait to show this entire line off!"

When they text back offer 2 dates!

***Who hosted with you last January, February, March?! Let them know about the new line, send them our new line video and let them know last year's hostesses are booking again and you wanted to make sure you got them on your calendar too!

***Call all your past customers and hostesses from Fall trunk shows who haven't viewed the new line

***Reach out to all your contacts - go through Facebook, email, phone, children's activities, neighbors, extracurricular activities, hobbies, etc. - warm them up with a quick email and then follow up by phone or text