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April 26-30, 2021


April 28 - Librarian visits

April 30 - Spirit Day

Please continue to practice identifying letters and sounds with your child.

Say, "What letter is this?" and then say, "What does it say? or What sound does it make?"

We are working on print awareness by asking them...

"Who writes a book?" - "the author".

"Who draws the pictures in a book?" - "the illustrator".

Pick out any book your child owns and ask them where does the story begin? Where is the first page we begin reading? Have them show it to you and then read it to them or they can read it to you by looking at the pictures.

INVESTIGATION 6: How do insects help the earth?

During our last week of the Insects Study, we will:

  • discuss pollination
  • discuss decomposition
  • discuss ladybugs are helpful to plants and aphids are harmful
  • discuss bees and honey


pollen - a powder on many plants that they use to make plant seeds

decomposition - when something tht was alive, like a plant or animal, breaks into smaller pieces and becomes part of the soil.

environment - what's around you

healthy - being strong, happy and feeling well

honeycomb - made by bees in their beehive to haouse baby bees and to store honey

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Please make sure to:

  • Check Class Dojo everyday for messages.
  • Sign your children's Read To Me log and Daily Reflection Form every night
  • Return the Red Book Bags every Thursday morning.

Donna LaPlante

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