Temperate Decidous Forests

Asmir Tahirovic, Chris Peters, Samy Diouf


Eastern half of North America, Middle of Europe, Asia, Southwest Russia, Japan, Eastern China, South America, Southern Chile, New Zealand, Southeastern Austria


The latitude range is anywhere from 60 degrees, the longitude is 23.5 degrees.

Plant Life

American Beech, Carpet moss, Common lime, Guelder rose, Lady fern, Northern arrowwood, Pecan, Shagbark, Hickory, Tawny milsap mushroom, white birch.

Animal Life

American Bald Eagle , American Black Bear ,Coyote, Duckbill Platypus, Eastern Chipmunk, European Red Squirrel, Fat Dormouse , Least Wesel , White Tailed Deer

Things to do there

Make a fire, camp, hunt

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