Ms. Gambrell's Kindergarten

DLI Language Arts

November News

This month we are learning about Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving Unit will culminate with our Thanksgiving Feast on Friday 11/20.

We will travel to different rooms to learn about Thanksgiving traditions and customs. That afternoon we will meet with our friends from other classes to share a Thanksgiving "Feast".

Books we are reading this month!

What are we learning?

Ask me about what we are reading!

Questions to ask your kids:

Reading: How do you figure out a word you do not know in your reading?

Can you name the parts of a book? (front cover, title page, back cover and spine)

What are the characters of a book?

SS: What is a map? How is a map different than a globe?

Why do we celebrate Veteran's Day?

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?