Internet Safety

Middle School Safety

Out for the Whole World to See

If you have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat the things you post are no longer yours. That picture you took and up loaded it to Instagram? It no longer belongs to you. It belongs to everyone on the internet. Once you post or do something online the whole world is able to see, take, and do anything with it. So, think before you post.

The Do's and Don'ts of the Web

DO: Make your accounts private so only people you allow can see what you post.

DON'T: Connect with everyone. You never know who could be behind a screen.

DO: Be aware that in the future your potential bosses or colleges will check out your accounts so keep it clean.

DON'T: Post things you may regret later on in life. Once its on the internet, it's there forever.

DON'T: Bully. Mean words do hurt and you never know what your words could do to someone.

Personal Information

Anything you post isn't as private as you thought It would be. Sites save your data even if you "deleted" it. Things don't go away. Anyone is able to reach certain information you put out onto the web.

Identity Theft

Someone can easily take your passwords and steal your money, and personal information from what you put out into the world. Here are some ways to protect yourself:

* Have multiple, safe passwords. Each password should contain 8 digits using symbols, Capitols, and numbers.

* Keep personal information private from any account. The things you put out there make it easier for people to hack into your account. Don't share personal information online.

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