Love Help


He Loves me, He Loves me not

Dear Selea Dowdy,

I have read your column for years, but i never thought I would be writing to you. I'v tried going to meetings of "Woman who love too much" but I'm still hurting, so i thought maybe you could help me. My problem is that the guy i love doesn't want to be in the same room as me. It kills me that he doesn't wanna see my face. Should i try to talk to him about it or just leave it alone? Sometimes i feel like curling up in a ball away from the world. we used to go out but then he left me for my best friend. I have never let him down, but he just did. :( </3 Sincerely, Hopeless

My Love Advice to Helena


Your in a pickle but I think I can help, but my advice to you is to do something to make him notice you. It's possible for another guy to see you and like you. Its not the guy you want but your available for something new.Or maybe the plan will work he will notice what you did and and might gradually start to talk to you or might even wanna be in the same room as you. My other piece of advice to you is to maybe put a love potion on him. Now don't get me wrong there are some up and downs to this. A up is he will love you, you wont have any problems with that. But there is always a catch, he will indeed love you but he will not love you by choice. He will only love you because you put the potion on him, not because he out of no where started to like you. If none of these work he is probably not the man for you. I bet you there is a guy out there for you that will really want to see your face. Go find him. Well i really hope that this helped you out. Thanks for writing to me, good luck!
Sincerely, Hopeless