european countries

By: Wilson Reardon


Government type: republic & unlimited

Leader: Prime Minister Jean-Marc

historical monument: eiffel tower

Person who changed history:napoleon


arable land: 33.45%

agriculture: mostly flat

GDP: $2,479,000,000,000

GDP per capita: $35,300

Currency: euro

Exchange rate to dollar: .7752

famous brand: Chanel

Language: french

Main religion: roman catholic

location: west of germany

topography: mostly flat

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Government type: federal republic & unlimited

Leader: Chancellor Angela MERKEL

historical monument: Berlin wall

Person who changed history: Adolf Hitler

Population: 81,147,265

arable land: 33.25%

GDP: $3,167,000,000,000

GDP per capita: 38,700

Currency: euros

Exchange rate to dollar: .7752

Famous brand: Volks Wagen

Language: German

Religion: Prodestant & Roman catholic

Famous landmark: Rugen cliffs

Cultural food: Prezel

Location: west europe

climate: temperate

topography: lowlands in south highlands in north

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