TumbleBooks Review

By: Silvia Ponce

Books Reviewed


  • Books have animation, sound, narration, and inflection in the narration
  • Reading level is provided
  • Description of the book
  • Quizzes, book report, and lesson plans provided
  • Storybook, read along, non fiction, videos, language learners, puzzles and games
  • Wide range of reading levels for elementary school children
  • Common core information and options
  • Classification by genre, author, title
  • Accelerated reading program


  • All of the books were narrated so even if students, especially those in higher grade levels, don't want to have their book read to them, they can't
  • Limited amount of books
  • Couldn't find some famous classics or poetry books
  • Reading level is only for elementary school children

Implementations in the Classroom

  • I would put a book from TumbleBooks on the projector and have the students follow along with the narration of the book. Then, we could work on a group project together or follow up with a class project or discussion of the book.
  • I would also enjoy having the students read silently on their iPads on the TumbleBooks website
  • Students will be allowed to use their iPads or the computers and go on TumbleBooks during their free time to practice their reading skills.
  • For older students, I would have them use the book report option to guide them through how to write a book report for a non fiction book.

How to Use TumbleBooks for Beginners

How to use tumble book library