ICA Connecting Coaches Mastermind group

Mastermind your business


Vanessa and Jenn would like to be your hosts for an introductory Mastermind group of ICA graduates and students starting in Feb. 2012

The concept of Mastermind groups started with Benjamin Franklin, who regularly formed gatherings of business-minded people and intellectuals to discuss anything from business to politics, but the concept was made famous by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. Napoleon Hill defined the Mastermind group as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” The underlying concepts of Mastermind groups are not new; think tanks are similar - a military application to thinking and cooperating in small groups.

The idea of the mastermind is to develop great ideas for advancing the members’ financial and business goals, without conflict.

This course will be free to those who qualify.

  1. Each meeting will be held via conference call. Long distance charges may apply - you can use any means you like to call in to the line. It will be similar to the ICA class call in line.
  2. Each call will be recorded for the benefit of the members and links to download or listen given via email or a dedicated page (like this one).
  3. Each member will be expected to contribute during each call, to give and receive ideas, advice, or coaching openly and without fear, but with permission asked.
  4. Jenn and Vanessa are the group coordinators, and will help nurture and foster group cohesion. They will also keep the group to the agenda, ensure that each member has an opportunity to present to the group, and keep administrative details for each group. In this way, they will function as the group’s coaches or learning leaders.
  5. Those who are not able to attend meetings regularly (at least 3 weeks per month) will be removed from the MasterMind group.
  6. Each meeting will begin with the leader asking for group shares; each member is expected to come into the group prepared to either share a setback, win, or goal for the next week.
  7. For the first meeting, each coach should come prepared to discuss their 3-year plan with the other coaches. If you don’t have this plan, bring your business ideas and questions so that as a group, we can help you build your plan.
  8. Jenn and Vanessa will match the groups to make sure that the coaches’ niches will not conflict.
  9. Each member should have - or will develop - a website, blog, or other form of media to promote their business. Each member is expected to regularly contribute to other member’s sites through comments and encouragement. The group will bring in external coaches to critique and offer feedback for member’s sites necessary.
  10. There will be no more than 6 members in each group (including leaders). If a new member wishes to join, the current members must unanimously agree.
  11. Each member will write and share their goals for the other members of the Mastermind group.
  12. The above rules are no more than guidelines to smooth the first few calls. As the comfort level between the members of the group increases, the rules will slowly dissolve and the group will function strictly based on a mutual respect of members towards each other.

Current proposed agendas for first few meetings:

Meeting 1 – Meet and Greet

Meeting 2 – Marketing & Social Media

Meeting 3 – Roadblocks/Goals/Coaching

Meeting 4 – 5-year Plans & Goals to Advance your Business

Meeting 5 – Roadblocks/Goals/Coaching

Meeting 6 – Building Tools for your Business

Meeting 7 - Roadblocks/Goals/Coaching

There are two group options: Jenn (daytime), and Vanessa (early mornings or weekends). Depending on your priority time choice and the availability of the lead coaches, you will be placed in the best-fit group.

Please click the link below to fill out your application. We will notify you via email for your group time and date + your conference call information.

Mastermind Application

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you!

Jenn & Vanessa

March, 2012