Last Day

Dream Team

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  • All lockers empty and doors left open
  • Empty and bag anything left in assigned lockers and send of office
  • Take down all locker pictures and staples
  • Movie?

8:55-9:10 Horton Award

  • Students sit in front of lockers
  • Short presentation
  • Recognize Horton Award Recipiant


  • Assembly


  • Hallway yearbook/shirt signing


  • Student lunch

In previous years, we eat outside on the concrete slab. Students have hotdogs the last day and eat on disposable trays. We hangout, monitor trash, and enjoy our lunch as well. Lunch time is flexible. If we take longer than expected, that is ok.


To the Park!

We will serve popsicles and have 1 bottled water for each.

Someone will need to drive the waters and the popsicles over.

Don't forget scissors to cut popsicles!

Back-up Plan...

Games and movie in classrooms


Leave the park at 2:00

Tame the wildness the rest of the day :)

2:35-2:45 Cell phone picture time

2:45 Back in Connect for announcements

Don't forget the end of the day to monitor fire alarms

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  • They are not to speak to anyone at the park (or on the way) that is not an SMS student or staff person.
  • They are to pick up all of their trash.
  • They are allowed to bring an extra bottled water
  • They are allowed to wear hats
  • They are allowed to bring sporting equipment
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If students do not have their library books turned in, spring pictures returned or paid for, or did not turn in a permission slip...they can not go.

Overdue Books

Anji Shoemaker: Paper Towns

Spring Pictures

Logan Cochran

Jamela Taleb

No Permission Slip

Logan Cochran (absent)

Cody Price--(absent)