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term used in Spain to define apolitical young, generally linked to crime and violence toward others strata of society. Many say they are the heirs of Roma neighborhoods, canis, the bush- (or killos), the burracos, majolillos, anganos have many names throughout Spain, depending on the region where they live.

It is a lower-middle urban tribe that is taking hold in Spain and that usually occurs mainly in middle-class neighborhoods and

Its characteristic clothes are caps, branded shoes (nike usually) sportswear, gold rings, seals, chains, etc.

They are strongly associated with crime and many Spaniards are outraged by the impunity with which they operate, due to the freedom that the police gives them.

His enemies are clearly the posh, which, all they have receive it without any effort, believing the higher purchasing power and the influence of their parents, which is why they despise.

Canis as in most of the urban tribes, are composed of a mix of people, children are not clear what they do, real canis, and others who only dress to join the group. Not all are criminals and of course not all saints

Being cani, and bring cani aesthetic is very disitinto, cani itself are people without ideals, with inclination to crime, delinquency and crime as a livelihood, bring aesthetics happens on the other hand, by the fact of belonging some tribe and somehow be part of something, these types of canis usually are good people and are not related to the world of crime

How were they set up ?


Canis, as in most of the urban tribes, they are composed of a mix of people: children are not clear what they do, real canis, and others who just dress to join the group. Not all are criminals, but in turn are not saints. Cani phenomenon began to appear in late 03/04 in the neighborhoods of Triana or the Nervion district, and only now is gaining strength throughout Spain, especially in the neighborhoods of lower middle class. Canis are said to come from Roma neighborhoods. They are strongly associated with crime and many Spaniards are outraged by the impunity with which they operate, due to the freedom that the police gives them.


The species of canis is characterized by the herds. A canine ever goes only. They mark their territory with graffiti and the places where they are often seen are squares, parks, ramps, or anywhere where they can park their cars because bikes are essential in this urban tribe.


Baseball Cap: Or failing visor, preferably brand Tn.

Pelado ashtray: The format of the standard hair for all known species canis is the bare ashtray. Other variations are imitating hair black US bands of the 80s, but it is not widespread. Never mind that the guy is blond and you look up ideas (allegorically, because this race does not think or have ideas), it is a standard pattern of behavior. It may be supplemented by drawings on the hair as the dollar sign stripes, or name. Sad but true. Sometimes canis carry the typical pelao Huron, consisting only shave the sides of the head and left her hair long neck, so that seems to bring a ferret lying on their heads.

Pelado Jonathan: Named for its resemblance to the son of Aida. It is characterized by letting grow "strakes" long to become involved and entangled, animals often live in them.

Tracksuit: Unless you are "arreglaítos" the regulation uniform is this. Functional for the chinazos are not noticed. The Nike brand is recommended especially couture brand, the "TN" but may be other types. You can get to admit non-clothing tracksuit, but with conditions: It must be in bright and / or prints of dragons or the like (makes Sonique or Bulldog) colors. Example of non-tracksuit attire are a common metallic white pants with a blue stripe on the side garish, and a green and red dragon pattern on the underbody. The most important dress (and Cani in general), is it tacky. Although there who carries the flag of the Spanish Monarchy Republic. A feature denoting style is to lead a trouser leg raised at the knee or low tracksuit into socks. Of course you can tell that sweatpants is for garrula as in rain and after the appearance of the dreaded puddles these pants are unusual in that instead of getting wet as all (only slightly below) absorb water to the height of the knee or pants good quality thigh.

Coat: No more than two years that it has become fashionable for most canis with those typical of Bershka anoraks or Pimkie that are thick, usually white or black color makes and husky with a hood to appear to come from the North Pole.

Mobile Speaker: One of the topical news at all canis are faithful multimedia phones. Despite all the features offered by these phones; canis use only two: Bluetooth and speaker. The use Bluetooth to spend mp3 bakalao flamenquito and then bring it to full blast in the subway in order to attract attention and arouse embarrassment of other passengers. Because of the short understanding of canis, usually they have the belief that the Bluetooth radio has a range of 1,000 kilometers around and you should not have problems by passing an mp3 to his cousin the village.

Golds: One of the weaknesses of the canis is genetic convergence of its kind with the Magpies. In particular, its appreciation to the shiny metal, such as chrome or gold. The more tacky and bigger attire (see earrings in the shape of acorns or fist, and gold seals half kilo), the more likely that appeals to a canine, especially baroque.

Spring shoes: Before enough with sports shoes, but Nike has released a new concept in youth fashion: shoes docks. No, they are not flying turbojet or serve: It is simply the epitome of tacky. Tenerife is sloppy invented by Nike is not very common, and that what is most prevalent are called sharks, also of course, of that mark. Although some also use black to be so unfortunate not to be able to buy sharks Reeboks 200 euros, although in case of desperation, is the repurchased other canis. In the northern part of Spain, and not because of heavy winter rains, the cani or Ghari shoes can also be worn as the "Art" boots that are not exactly a work of art. They are platforms boots skinhead style but still tacky, there are beige, black or red. Along better in the summer than in winter, preferring the best tennis in winter than in summer.