Make your life all about Koalas!!

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What Koalas Need

Did you know that Koalas ONLY eat eucalyptus leaves.

They are VERY fussy animals!

Their habitat is in the bush, they LOVE to live in trees.

They hide at the top of trees when preditors are about.

They obviously need oxygen and water like every other animal!

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The Human Effect On Koalas

Why are humans so cruel to the local Koala!

They run over them, even if there's a sign saying Koalas are in the area.

Hunters kill them for their skin.

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The Animals Effect

The animals are so cruel towards Koalas!



Snakes,Dingoes,Wedge Tailed Eagles

These are all animals that threaten Koalas!

How The Environment Threatens Koalas

The environment is cruel to the Koalas as well.

Bush fires are a threat and they can harm Koalas by burning them.

Their habitat dies and they have no where to live.

Koalas might die because the trees are carring a disease.

They might think poisonous leaves are gum leaves and they die because of the poison.

We need to protect Koalas!

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Some Ideas To Save The Koalas Include

  • Make humans not cut down trees in the Koalas habitat
  • Make a club all about supporting Koalas
  • Teach people how to protect Koalas
  • Enforce signs of where Koalas roam/ Make signs
  • Donate money to save the Koalas, also make fundraisers
  • Plant more eucalyptus trees in the bush