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September 8 - 11, 2015

This Week at a Glance

Monday - Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday -

Wednesday -Picture Day , Music

Thursday- Science Vocabulary Quiz, Chapter 1, lessons 4 and 5; Progress Reports; Spanish; Pali Informational Night


Upcoming Events for you Calendar:

9/9 Patito Homeroom Picture Day

9/10 Pali Mountain Information Night -

9/17 First Room Rep Meeting

Pali Mountain

Pali Institute has sent out Parent Packets to you via email. If you have not received this email, please check your spam folder and send me an email so I may have a packet forwarded to you ASAP.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday evening!


Homework due this Thursday is science workbook pages 19-26 all.

There will be a vocabulary Quiz on Chapter 1, lessons 4 and 5 this Thursday.


A note about homework: Students should be working to make their own sense of homework problems, though they should not be struggling with the problem for hours. If you student gets stuck on a math problem and cannot make sense of it through questioning, making connections, looking for regularity or structure and they have exhausted all their strategies- please encourage them to write down what they know, where they were stuck, and have them move on. They can return to it later if they would like, though it is most important that they come in prepared to ask questions of others and myself.

I realize this is a new concept for many of the students, who want to make sure they are getting the right answers, but through this process, they build confidence in their abilities, new understandings in their own conceptualizations, resilience because they learn how to make mistakes, perseverance from trying again and finding a successful strategy that works for them and ownership of their academic achievement and success - all very motivating factors in a student and persons academic career.

And though these are the reasons I hope that they struggle a little bit with some of the problems, I do not want their struggle to persist on for hours, or even one hour.


Students are bringing home their first math Quiz today (Monday) Quizzes and tests are sent home to be signed and returned.

We review all the problems in class, Students should have corrected missed problems during the whole class review.

Upcoming Math Test : Friday September 18