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Week 6

How is the course progressing?

  • We are now in our 6th week of the quarter, with four weeks remaining until the quarter ends on Friday, March 20.
  • Students are currently working on Module 5, which is due Friday, 2/27 at 11:59 PM.
  • Due to the weather situation last week, I am accepting last week's Module 4 without penalty until Friday at midnight. There may be a change in due dates this week depending on how weather develops the remainder of the week, and all Anatomy teachers will work together on updated due dates.
  • If you have internet at home or are able to access it if your child is out of school, please encourage him/her to stay on top of Anatomy, as we have to keep moving in order to complete the course on time. This means we are unable to push back all deadlines and your child may have to "double up" their workload if they do not stay current with due dates.
  • Overall, students are doing a wonderful job with learning the material. I am impressed by some of the creative projects, recordings, and movies that have been submitted over the past couple of weeks. Your children are talented! :)

How is my child doing?

  • Most students are doing a great job completing their work and staying on pace in the course!
  • Yesterday I sent out emails/texts/calls for students whose average is less than 77%, and progress reports were submitted through the NCVPS Registration System today.
  • Next week I will send out grade updates to all parents, ELAs, and students.

What is my child learning?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via text, email or phone!

Mrs. Allison Crawford, NBCT
Instructional Leader, Anatomy Teacher

STEM Course Development Coordinator
North Carolina Virtual Public Schools

Text or phone: 336-303-0724