By Joni

Basic Info

Horses classification is a mammal. They are warm blooded which means there always warm. The way they move is with its four legs. Its body covering is hair. and some of its predators are a bear, wolf if and mountain lion. And they are a vertebrate.


There environment is grassy lands and the horses need to stay with other horses.  there shelter is every where or in a barn.  it eats grass but if its a fawn it eats its mothers milk.  its water source are ponds lakes and rivers. 

Life Cycle


Some horse adaptations are teeth witch are flat to help them eat plants. And another adaptation is there hooves they pad there feet so they do not get hurt.

Interesting facts

some interesting facts they are able to stand quickly after birth. And at six months it plays less with its mother. Another fact is that gray horses start out black. and did you know that they need to eat certain foods at a time. and they can sleep standing up! plus they can send messages to each other by movements.

food chain