Let diversity show in the community

Citizens should have the rights to make their own rules

Thesis Statement

Citizens should have the ability to make some laws to help improve the diversity in the society.

"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut and “Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell

In “Harrison Bergeron” and “Most Dangerous Games” show traditions and laws but, these laws don’t change because there was a government set up and someone was always suffering. Harrison tried to rebel against the government because of the handicaps that they had to wear to make them equal. In Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford was forced into playing a game that he didn’t want to and had to fight for his life.

Quote and Analysis "Most Dangerous Game"

‘"But they are men," said Rainsford hotly. "Precisely," said the general. "That is why I use them. It gives me pleasure. They can reason, after a fashion. So they are dangerous." "But where do you get them"’ (Connell 8).

This supports my thesis because Rainsford had no choice but to let the general hunt him. It was a new game that the general had created where he hunted men instead of animals and Rainsford had to be his next victim. This supports my thesis because it shows that Rainsford didnt have the choice to be hunted. He should have been able to make the choice to either risk his life being hunted or leave the island with his life.

Quote and Analysis "Harrison Bergeron"

“Harrison tore the straps of his handicap harness like wet tissue paper, tore straps guaranteed to support five thousand pounds” (Vonnegut 4).

This helps my thesis because in Harrison Bergeron, everybody was made to look equal. But Harrison didn’t believe that should be the way things are so, he took off all his handicaps, which were the things that were worn to make everybody equal. This supports my thesis because Harrison was forced to wear handicaps to make himself different from everybody else. Harrison wanted everybody to show off their different looks and talents.


I think citizens should be able to make their own laws with only a little help from the government because they would be able to help the diversity in everybody show better. With the election coming up, im not really excited because you have Donald Trump who isn't going to make any of the laws better. If anything, the laws will be more strict and our freedoms now may decrease or they may even be taken away