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Enrollment Calendars DUE WEDNESDAY! Oct. 14th

Enrollment Calendars for the next two weeks session are due by Wednesday, Midnight -Oct 14th.

The next 2 week enrollment calendar will cover Oct. 19th to 30th.

You are able to go beyond these dates- BUT Once you have signed up and paid- you are LOCKED IN. You will not be credited back for mistakes in your submissions. Please choose your sessions carefully!

All Enrollments that are submitted on time will be honored- Late enrollments can be accepted as space allows only.

BASE Parent Portal

Fill out your 2 week enrollment by Wednesday!

Below is Enrollment information from the Parent Handbook-

Absences / Sick Day Credits/ Refunds / Schedule Changes

Notify program staff members if your children will be absent from program sessions.
We expect children to attend the sessions for which they are registered. Please contact BASE Staff 303-387-7722 or 720-880-8156 to report an absence.
Absences- If you Child is signed up for After School and does not attend we will begin looking for your child. We will contact you and all emergency contacts. If we are unable to contact you/emergency contacts the police will be notified.
Sick Day Credit- Each child is allowed 3 sick days per enrollment period. This applies to any days that your child was scheduled to attend. Accounts can be credited back for up to 3 sick days per school year, per child. The Sick Day Credit form MUST be filled out in the BASE Calendar month that the sick day occurred. The form will only be honored in the month of occurrence. We will not accept verbal requests. The Sick Day Credits do not accumulate from year to year, nor are they transferable to other families. (found on two of the last 3 pages of the Parent Handbook)
Refunds- We do not offer refunds. Days cannot be switched or removed once Registrations are submitted. Please plan your monthly registration carefully! BASE uses parent Registrations to plan for adequate staffing, program supplies, materials, buses, reservations, and room rentals.
Schedule Changes: Once parents schedule childcare, there are no refunds or credits for absences or schedule changes. Parents may add days after the scheduling cutoff if there is space available, and at a higher rate as outlined in the itemized fee schedule.

Late Pick Up's

We are still experiencing a large amount of Late Pick Up's.

Please keep in mind that after the 4th late pick up you will be removed from the GRE BASE program. Your Registration will be removed from our systems, and your children cannot attend any of our programs.

You will be allowed to register during the next registration session-

The next Registration period begin July 1st 2016.

Fall Break 2015 Began Oct 9th and our last day will be 16th.

We have begun our wonderful and AMAZING Fall Break!

We are having a great time so far:)

Drop In spaces are very limited for the remainder off Fall Break!

Please sign up in the BASE Parent Portal if you are interested in attending last minute.

If there is a box available to check - then you are welcome to attend!

Bring a Lunch and a Water Bottle EVERY DAY!


We have Dual Trips on Wednesday.

K-2 Mid-Air Adventures / 3+ Progresh

Both destinations require a Waiver.

Waivers can be found in the cafe or on our website


We are going to the Farm on Friday- it is in Platteville with a high of 52 degrees.

Wear Layers!!! Bring a Hat and a jacket- It is windy there!

We will be there from 11am until 2pm