November 17, 2014


I have a lot to say. I hope you're listening.
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Can you believe we're almost ready for the Thanksgiving holidays?! Kelli & I want to express our deep appreciation for you & hope your Thanksgiving will be a very meaningful & enjoyable one. We certainly count you among our many blessings!

This week is Gen X week - we appreciate the activities Drew has put together for us.

Tomorrow Kelli, Drew, & I along with Madeline, Kim, Donna, & Bethany will be visiting Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth for a site-visit to see one of their programs in action we are exploring for EME - We should be back by noon.

This morning we had 20 parents attend our 2nd Cup of Coffee & they expressed excitement about you tweeting & blogging & are anxious to follow you. Productive meeting & our parents are also excited about the push for technology!

Your team leaders may have shared with you that I will be having surgery next week during the holidays & will return as soon as the dr. releases me which I'm hoping will be no later than the second week of December. I'm told it's a 2-3 week recovery but am shooting to only be gone a week after our break. Please support Kelli during my brief absence & your prayers that I will bounce back quickly are greatly appreciated!

Regina is going to begin planning a Parent Nights Out for Friday Dec. 12th from 5-9 & the money raised from this one will go to literacy. Please let her know if you are willing to help out on Dec. 12th & more information will go home after the holidays promoting this.

If you have items you need included on our December calendar, please try to have those to me by Wednesday if possible, so we can get a head start on our December calendar.

This morning I want to share a few more thoughts with you about TWITTER - these are what I call Amen Statements by Angela Maiers who you will remember from last year:

* We took an oath to prepare kids for THEIR future.

* We have an obligation as educators to be informed.

* Social network is the new reading...it's the new literacy.

* On the web everyone's contribution is equal - we were created for significance & one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us as individuals, organizations, & communities is the feeling that we don't matter.

* Our kids are brilliant & their genius is being denied.

* The future of our students will be judged by their digital footprint.

* We're asking you to understand the significance of Twitter in our child's space.

* It may not be your "THING", but it IS your responsibility.

* Social media is & will be significant to our students' lives.

* PURPOSE OF TWITTER: To inform parents & as a Source of Knowledge

* Twitter is Professional Development!

* It's important that we understand how the world perceives Twitter.

* Twitter is the news - it keeps you informed.

* Twitter is about igniting a community.

* Twitter empowers us & prepares us.

* Twitter is Science, History, Empowerment, Power & so much MORE!

* Twitter is a chance to push humanity to new levels.

* We have the power to change lives in 140 characters!

* Twitter is the most powerful medium in the world to change the world.

* Twitter is Articulation of what is happening in REAL TIME.


* A new conversation is happening every second on Twitter.

* Over 250 million people use Twitter.

* Every day you are in the presence of an opportunity!


AMEN Statements by Angela Maiers! I thought that might expand our reasons for using Twitter! If you've not given us your Twitter address, please do so & we'll add it to our Connect With Us Wall in the foyer.

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1st WEEK – Try ClassDojo.com

2nd WEEK – Decide what you would like to do. (twitter or blog)

3rd WEEK – Twitter or blog should be ready to go

4th WEEK - Post at least one time to twitter or blog

5th WEEK – Set up a You Tube Channel

6th WEEK – Should be posting regularly to twitter or blog

7th WEEK – Post a video to You Tube

8th WEEK – Try to Flip one lesson

9th WEEK – What’s Your Plan for the Next nine weeks?
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Getting Started with ClassDojo



Monday - 2nd Cup of Coffee Parent Talk - 8:30 - 9:30, Math Walk-Thrus, PBIS Committee meeting - 3PM, Hats off to Graduation Day!

Tuesday - Bryan & Team to site visit in the morning - 7:30-12:00, Teachers will bring something from their college & discuss their college with students.

Wednesday - "Connect to your Career Day" - Students are allowed to dress up like their future careers is they choose, Technology Training - 3PM - Come learn more about Blogging & Tweeting with Cindy Tucker, Happy Birthday to Amber Cook!, Kelli & Regina out for RTI Conference

Thursday - Kelli & Regina to RTI Conference, Kindergarten Feast & Program - 1:45

Friday - Fund Run Assembly at 2PM - Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holidays! (Kelli & Regina out for RTI Conference)

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"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude."

-Cynthia Ozick

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."

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* I want to thank all of the teachers & staff who attended last week's carnival. Thank you very much for supporting your PTA! Kelli, LaRae, Sophia, Mary, Drew, Regina, Christina, Candice, Becky, Donna Bell, Jennifer, Emily, Amber, Madeline, Lynette, Donna McBride, Sheryl, & Beth & Toni all made an appearance THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

* Donna McBride taught one of the best lessons I have EVER seen with her first graders

on goods & services, wants & needs, & it was absolutely remarkable! Way to Go Donna!

* KUDOS to Debbi Roest & her team for all they did to make our Veteran's Day ceremony a success! Parents comments reflected their appreciation for a job well done!

Donna McBride, Pam English, Regina, Donna Bell, Drew, Beth, Kelli, Leslie, & Suzanne all helped in numerous ways & we are grateful!

* Christina Witta stayed here with the fifth graders who didn't go to Camp Jolt this year. Together they created a very neat video that I'm sending you the link to. I appreciate the extra time & effort she put into in trying to ensure that those students didn't feel left out, & I think you will see that some engaging learning occurred with those learners. Thank you Christina for your efforts in making that time memorable for our students! Impressive!

Tales From Eagle Mountian Elementary
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