Truly Remarkable Food

That you can pick up, we can drop off, or we can serve you.

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Memorable food

We think that most food at most events these days is pretty forgettable.

Its not bad - it's fine, but it's often nothing special.

Catering from APK is memorable for guests and hosts alike.

The visual impact of our stacks and floaters creates enormous interest (and selfies*)

The tastes create "OMG!" "insane" and for the really enthusiastic, they say "OMG thats insane" reactions

*we estimate 40% of our first time customers take pictures of our food.

Amazing Food

Inspired by the savory pies across the Commonwealth, we create delicious gourmet savory pies, hot and cold sides from scratch daily and lamington desert.

There is a lot of design, care and attention that goes into making all our food.

We wanted to take the humble Aussie Pie to the next level in taste, flavors, ingredients, look and texture. No "old recipes" here - everything is reimagined from the crust up or the croissant top down.

More details here if you want.

Our pies take 3 days to make.

Day 1 : We marinate all our carefully selected quality meat, veggie and seasoning fillings.We let those recipes rest overnight.

Day 2 : We braise our fillings in the oven for 2-4 hours - Then we let it rest in their own juices overnight.

Day 3 : We blind bake our pie shells, add the filling, and then finish the pies in the oven with a croissant top.

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(1) GET UP : Breakfast Catering Solutions

(2) SIT DOWN : Lunch / Dinner

(3) STAND UP : Cocktail Parties

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Stacks of options - this is the Tiger Stack - for sitting down - or standing up

Our most popular way to enjoy our pies is stacked with hot sides.

The "Tiger" is created with

  • A bed of Roasted garlic Yukon Gold Hand Mashed potatoes (or Garnett Yams)
  • Minty Mushy Peas
  • Creamy Thyme Gravy

(4) FALL DOWN : Late Night food

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The Pie Floater [Hangover Killer]

We serve a meat pie upside down in a bowl of pea soup with a dash of vinegar and a ton of ketchup. It is a perfect warm meal anytime, but it's medicinal benefits make it a remarkable addition to any late night function.

In 1870 in Adelaide, South Australia,a drunk guy went into a café and ordered a meat pie and a bowl of pea soup. The pie was so hot and he was so drunk that he dropped the pie into the bowl of soup. The drunk café guest added a dash of vinegar and a ton of tomato sauce (ketchup) to his green concoction.

Surprisingly, when our pie-oneer awoke the next day – he felt great - despite the copious amounts of alcohol that he had consumed the night before. He realized his floating pie in the pea soup with sauce and vinegar was his savior.

The hangover was cured.

The Pie Floater was born.

Available in both 5" (large) and 3" (slider) size.

Two sizes of pies

All seven varieties of pies are available in either personal 5" or slider 3".

So if you are standing at a drinks party the Slider Tiger stack is the must have accessory at any Los Angeles event. We also do a slider (mini) version of the Pie Floater - see below.

Look above - see those croissant rolls for brekkie? Plenty of savvy folk cut those in 1/2 and 1/3 and pass those around the cocktail party too- delish!

Some recent events

  • The Honest Company Staff Breakfast - 80 Brekkie Pies
  • Opening party for Lululemon flagship store on 3rd St promenade - 150 people (Mini stacks and lamington bites)
  • Private birthday – Abbot Kinney residence – 125 people (mini stacks and mini float

  • Weekly Lunches @ various studios

  • Santa Monica Visitors Center client breakfast- 135 people (brekkie pies)

  • Office Lunches – in Venice - 45 people (DIY stacks)

  • Thanksgiving meals (4/8/12) – White stacks with turkey/sage pies, croissant rolls to cook @home

  • Holiday Party - 60 mini tiger stacks

“The food is incredible and what sets you all apart is your genuine enthusiasm for what you do and what you create. It is contagious!..... Your communication was outstanding. You made it so easy for me by making decisions quickly and making decisions for me since you know your products best. You all were professional and at the same time, the life of the party!

Liz Tyrell, Lululemon, Santa Monica, December 2014

Other Information

  • Delivery charge in Santa Monica and Venice $20. Other locations by discussion.
  • Service charge for silver service +20%, based on $500 minimum order

  • You can pick up - just call us
  • We can drop off
  • We can server you silver service for a service charge
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Memorable, Remarkable, Affordable catering solutions for when you get up, sit down, stand up and fall down.