Text response: Roar

Roar is a song written and performed by Katy Perry. The song was officially released on august the 12th, 2013. it was written in order to show people's strength, individuality, confidence and finally to entertain. The song is aimed at listeners ranging from toddlers up to elderly.

Overall roar is an extremely enjoyable song that has already attracted millions of viewers world wide.

Roar is a song in which a women is controlled and dominated but in the end she breaks free and roars. The main character in the song is Katy Perry who is left behind and is forced to survive on her own in the hostile jungle, she is very curious and bold. The song is set in a deadly jungle where danger lurks even in the most unexpected places. What chance does she have of surviving? Roar contains many themes which include wilderness, survival, fear and individuality. The moods in the song were exceedingly powerful. which consist of darkness, mysteriousness, and emptiness which makes the reader feel scared and a bit spooked out.

The Graphics of the video are amazing. The lyrics matched with the theme of the song. the visual effects were highly intriguing. Katy was passionate when she sang , which make the reader fell engaged.

Overall, Roar is very enjoyable song, but sometimes very negative. In my opinion this song is worthy enough of getting a score of 5 out of 5.