New Weapons of War

The New Technology of the Civil War

War is Always Changing.

War was declared on April 12th 1861 between the north and the south .The Civil War was the first war to take place after the Industrial revolution, This was important because it gave the north more factories, railroads, and telegraphs. The south had these as well but in smaller amounts. This war would be very different than the Revolutionary War due an invention that would lead to thousands of deaths.

The Minie Ball

The Minie Ball was a dangerous by a french man named Claude-Étienne. The bullet was made to improve the accuracy and damage of the projectile. With this bullet combined with a rifled barrel, the projectile could be fired from 600 to 750 yards away making it a deadly weapon for the Nepoleonic like tactics used by both sides in the civil war.

Iron Clad's

On March 9th, 1862 two ships fought in Hampton Roads, Virginia. These ships were not normal, The "Monitor" and the "Merrimack" were coated in metal to keep them from being punctured by enemy canon fire.

The Vicious Cycle

Civil war Technology was just a huge vicious cycle. The Minie Ball lead to the tactic of digging trenches. Trenches were large holes dug in the ground in strategic positions to keep from getting hit by the Minie Ball. To combat the trenches, the Canister was introduced. Canisters were fired from canisters over the enemies heads and showered "shrapnel" or sharp objects onto the enemy below.

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