December PD Sharing our Learning

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Twitter as a Reflection Tool

Getting Set up with TweetDeck

1.Go to

2. Go to + Add Column on left hand side

3. Go to the SEARCH icon

4. Type #mcteach, click add column

5. Go to +Add Column on left hand side

6. Click on notifications, click add column

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Now It's Time to Reflect and Share!

Q1: Welcome, McIntire Staff! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you teach. BONUS: Favorite holiday movie! #McTeach

I go to NEW TWEET button, then type:

A1: #McTeach Hi All! I'm Beth and I am the principal at @McElem. My FAV holiday movie is ELF #smilingismyfavorite

Your role is to reflect and answer the question, but also to see the ideas of others and correspond or "retweet" ideas you especially agree with or like.

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Our Chat Questions

Q2: What are the benefits of personalized PD? #McTeach

Q3: What resource(s) did you use today that could be TREASURE to your colleagues? #McTeach

Q4: How will/could you use personalized learning with your Ss? #McTeach

Q5: How will your teaching change tomorrow because of your personalized learning today? #McTeach


1. New Tweet

2. Type #McTeach

3. Type your response (140 characters or less)

4. Click Tweet

WOO HOO! Celebrate!

If you want specific people to see your tweet, add them with the @sign


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Our STAFF CHALLENGE until our next PD is to take part in one Twitter Chat. See the blog post for popular chats. An EASY way to meet this challenge is to join us tonight from the comfort of your PJ's as we share the amazing things happening in our school.

Remember, your participation in a real chat can be as involved as chiming in for each question, like we did today, or just lurking and reading responses. The choice is yours!

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