Digital Footprint

Erik Vazquez

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is a trace you leave behind on social media or anywhere online that you may not be aware about, but its there. These footprints consist of profile pictures, post, and even searches. This describes what type of person people think about you.

How is it important?

when applying for a job

  • They will look at your social medias
  • they look for negative or positive post or profile pictures
  • By looking at them will depend on how they see you
  • depends whether you qualify for that job
On public

  • people will see your profile and they

What Impact does my digital footprint have on my future?

How is it helpful?

  • It represents a positive portrait about me
  • It will help me get a job when I get older

what's harmful?

  • I rarely post anything
  • If not updated people might think i'm different from what I used to be
  • might not get a job if not updated

What can I do to Improve my online identity?

  • keep my social media accounts updated
  • keep being positive
  • do not post anything negative

What I learned this semester about keeping a positive digital footprints?

  • Don't post nothing negative
  • A profile picture is very important and should always look positive
  • Keep everything updated with the LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogger

These are the most important things I learned this semester about keeping a positive Digital Footprint.