Pride and Prejudice

The Advise

Advise #1 Elizabeth & Jane.

I Always thought i knew what i was doing was right. Telling Jane to go after her love. To not let it go and to go capture it. I Elizabeth wonder if that was possible for me as well. The other days i spoken to Jane "Jane, why do you cry over Mr. Bingley?" Jane looked at me and i could see it in her eyes that love she had for him, but not wanting it to be brought out. "Elizabeth, you know what to waste your time on when you feel that passion you feel that can't be given from anyone else." I looked at Jane and knew she was right, so i given her the adivse as her sister to her know that she should go after Mr. Bingley and see why he has left and see what happens from then on. That how i knew, i needed to start following my own advise as well.

Advise #2 Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy.

"Mr. Darcy you do know your rudeness will turn around and get you one day?" Elizabeth have told Mr. Darcy while she was dancing with him. "I Elizabeth only say whats true and what comes to mind, so i feel there is no need for me to worry about something coming around to get me one day." Well if you feel such a way then why are you rude to me? what have i done that made you seem to take a disliking in me?" "The fact you feel there is no one out there for you." My adivse to you Mr. Darcy is when i feel i am ready i will take care of myself and look to see who completes me, but for now you are the last man on earth i would of thought of.

Advise #3 Jane & Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, i wanted to tell you something." "I wanted to tell you that even if you feel as if you need to act like our mother, you don't need to. We will be fine as it is and find happiness, why don't you go and see if you can find someone who completes you." I feel that i should make sure you guys find the right suitter in your life so i know that you guys will be happy. I on the other hand feel as if im not ready to find or want to have anyone to bring me down and listen to there demands." I just want you happy Jane and you being happy can make me life a lifetime."

Advise #4 Mr. Darcy & Elizabth.

"Elizabeth, i must say you have a attitude of a thousand horse men going to a war." Mr. Darcy have said to me. " Well, i must show them that they need to handle me at my worst & at my best." Why is it that you keep needing to tell me of my actions but never wanting to know of yours?" I know i may not be the best of women out there but i do know i am a stronger one of many out there." Then i Mr. Darcy must know who you are so i can see if i can handle you at all." My advise to you Elizabeth is, don't be afraid to open up, you just might miss your train." (Meaning she can lose a opportunity on knowing a different view on the world)

By: Ashley Diaz!