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I wanted to follow up on the newsletter I sent last week and add a few more things to help us all be ready for our first day of school on Thursday. As part of those updates you'll see that I added a PDF for our parent pick up and drop off procedures along with some images for the signs/placards we use. If you plan to drop off and pick up your student each day please take a close look at the images and procedures and reach out if you have questions.

Below you'll find some updated information about breakfast & lunch, recesses, and our district safety guidelines. Also, we have contracted with a new vendor for our Hedden Spirit Wear. The webstore will be open for a couple of weeks with items delivered several weeks later. With the new vendor came new gear, lower prices, and our actual Hedden logo. Take a look when you get a chance.


Kind regards,

Mr. Sims

Hedden Elementary Principal

-=-=-= Student Drop Off & Pick Up =-=-=-

Our process for drop off and pick will continue to be the same as last year in order to mitigate the impacts of potential COVID-19 transmission. Hedden staff will be posted both outside and throughout the halls and will happily help students get where they need to be.

Morning Drop Off, 9:05 to 9:20

1. Pull to the most forward area in the fire lane along the sidewalk

2. Before exiting the vehicle, students should have bags ready & masks on

3. 3rd & 4th grade students will use the Main Office Entry

5. 5th grade students & those eating BREAKFAST will use the Gymnasium Entry

6. Parents and family should stay in their vehicle, sorry but no walking to the class

7. Staff and students only are allowed in the buildings at this time

Afternoon Pick Up, 3:30 to 3:35

1. Post your placard/hanger (get one at Open House) on your rearview mirror to help match students to vehicles.

2. Pull to the most forward area in the fire lane along the sidewalk

3. Wait in the vehicle while your student(s) is called from the gym

4. Students should be able to enter the vehicle from the right side

5. Parents & families need to remain in their vehicle

6. Students will not be able to cross the parking lot as in past years

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\/\/ Breakfast & Lunch \/\/

Please click HERE for further information!

All students will receive free meals during the 2021-2022 school year. Students may also bring a lunch from home if they choose to do so. All currently eligible families for Free and Reduced Meal Plans will need to reapply for meal benefits to obtain other reduced benefits. For more information call Food Services at 253 517-1000, ext. 29147

Students will be eating both breakfast and lunch in our gymnasium which has high ceilings and great ventilation. We are taking all steps possible to mitigate potential Covid transmission during meal times as well. Part of the those mitigation strategies include: open external doors to increase ventilation, added four portable handwashing stations to bolster capacity along with the nearby restroom sinks, students will be at least four feet apart and unmasked only when seated and eating, sanitizer stations will be available as well.

As with all things related to COVID and school, we will adapt and adjust as needed to ensure our students and staff stay safe.

++ Recess & Mask Breaks ++

We look forward to getting students back in school, learning, having fun, and being active. Recess will once again be a part of school! Students will have two recess outside each day, unless we have severe weather events. Please make sure your student is coming prepared for outdoor recess each day, especially with our cold and wet weather.

Only one grade level cohort/group will be allowed to use the playground at a time in order to support our social distancing goals. Students will need to keep masks on during recess this year given the number of students on the playground. To help limit the potential spread of COVID-19, equipment will be cleaned at least daily.

Teachers will have opportunities to take their own classes to our back field during the school day to take socially distanced mask breaks. Classes will not intermingle and students will need to be at least six feet apart in order to be able to remove their masks.

School Zones and Traffic Cameras

While we are all super excited to have kids returning to school, we need to make sure we are not in too big of a rush to get them here. Our community is unique in many ways, including the fact that we border two counties and multiple police jurisdictions. While I don't know just when each camera in each jurisdiction will be activated, I do know that Edgewood plans to turn on the ones by Hedden beginning next week.

Please, for the safety of our students and to keep your bank account healthy, watch your speed in school zones. Even if the light is not blinking, assume the camera is working. This is just a friendly heads up as the school and school district DO NOT operate the cameras.

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Upcoming Events & Dates

Thursday, September 2nd

  • First Day of School!
  • Families are not able to enter the building, except the office
  • Students may enter as early as 9:05 with the late bell at 9:20
  • Dismissal begins at 3:30
  • Staff will be out helping students get where they need to be

Monday, September 6th

  • Labor Day
  • NO School

Monday, September 13

  • 1st Late Start Monday (LSM)
  • All buildings begin one hour late on Mondays for staff collaboration
  • Hedden will start at 10:20